Blue Vineyard

We help Adventist ministries shape for digital growth by investing in the ecosystem and providing digital products and services (like this one).

Take a look at a brief introduction to what this site is all about.

Who have we worked with?

  • Adventist Review
  • Adventist World Magazine
  • Lake City Academy
  • Australian Union Conference
  • Wisconsin Conference
  • North New South Wales Conference

Who is involved?

Luke Farrugia – Vision & Partnerships

Shanna Duke – Chief of Operations

Jonathan Wold – Advisor

Cameron Gilroy – Chief Technical Officer

Kevin Coleman – Developer

Scott Heightman – Organic SEO specialist

Anna Maria Radu – Advisor

James Tregenza – Support Specialist

Samuel Clarke – Digital Strategy Advisor

Core Values

These values are the guiding principles of how we relate to our partners, team members and clients.

  1. Cultivate Other Centeredness
  2. Choose Curiosity
  3. Live Abundantly
  4. Focus Intently
  5. Improve Continuously

Connect with us

If you are an Adventist administrator or ministry leader and you would like to talk to us about ways we can help you, send us an email [email protected].

OR if you provide digital products or services to the church and are interested in connecting with the ecosystem we are building, send us an email.

Finally, if you like what we are doing here and want to follow along, you can subscribe to our podcast on Apple PodcastsSpotify or anywhere else you get your podcasts.