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Adventist camp meetings or “Big Camps” are unique. There is so much complexity in the organisation process and in some cases the deeply entrenched expectations of the campers mean conference staff deserve a medal and a holiday to recover from managing all of that on top of their regular responsibilities each year.

Our Solution

We offer an event registration service that includes both a tailored software solution and customer service support from a committed Adventist team that will lighten your load and make camp less stressful for both staff and campers alike.

*We offer two registration software solutions, one allows for greater complexity, nested products, financial reporting and is appropriate for Big Camp scenarios. The other is more streamlined and tailored to simple events that are either free or have a single cost of admission.


Campsite Allocations

Campsite allocations are always a painful process as most conferences like to accommodate requests for specific campsites where possible. To help you with this task, we offer a fully custom interactive allocation dashboard based on your specific campground.

Finance integration

Our software solution for complex events integrates with Xero accounting to track all of the transactions so your accounting team can pull any relevant data regarding budget allocation to each department etc. This will make your accounting team happy and save you time.

Integrated Check-in

We provide a check-in solution that allows camp staff to search and tap to check each camper in.

Customer Service

Our team can also look after many of the customer service challenges that camps generate. That could range from gently guiding someone less tech savvy through the registration process or answering the constant stream of “Can I camp next to my friend?” and “Just checking if you recieved my application?” requests.

Blue Vineyard Events Pricing

Customer Support Add-on

If you would like us to take on the customer support aspect of your camp the price ranges from $10,000-$40,000.*

*All prices are estimates only and are subject to the size and needs of your specific event. Contact us below for a personalised quote.

Enquire now

If you have any questions or you would like to explore how the service can work for you. Please reach out to us.