What is this place?

This is a place for thinking, curiosity and documenting what is working in the digital space to benefit the worldwide church.

My name is Luke. I am a Seventh-day Adventist and I have been working in the digital space for over 16 years. Now I am a part of an expanding international team of specialists (Blue Vineyard) who are committed to helping Adventist ministries shape for digital growth.

We are all applying what we have learned in the commercial world to the unique challenges our church faces as we finally begin to catch-up to a world that has technologically left us behind.

This blog is where we plan to explore those ideas, share victories and connect people together.

It is my hope that this short introduction is enough to make you want to come on the journey with us.

If you are a conference administrator or ministry leader (or are just as passionate about this stuff as we are) Join our mailing list to be notified for each new post.

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